How To Attract Your Perfect Customers Just When They Most Likely To Buy. 

Hyperlocal mobile advertising enables you to target your ideal customers, clients or patrons where they are most likely to be found, and where they are most inclined to respond or buy. Up until very recently, this has only been available to blue chip or Inc 500 companies with very deep marketing pockets. But we’ve made it one of our  primary aims to make hyperlocal mobile marketing more widely accessible to enable reputable businesses to promote their offers to people who, based on their interests and location, are more likely to genuinely want to receive them. The good news is that that marketing power is now in your hands.

Heres How It Works

Lets say you own a shoe retailer located tween minutes away from one of your competitors, and one of your competitors customers is looking for a certain brand of footwear. She’s on the verge of making a purchase when suddenly your ad  appears on her smartphone offering the same pair at a 10% discount. Upon seeing the ad, she abandons her purchase and comes to you to buy the shoes.

What’s happening here is that you’re ethically ‘stealing away’ your rivals customer.  With our technology you now have the ability to ‘laser-target’ your ideal customers wherever they are most likely to be found and where the buying intent is at its greatest. The power of hyperlocal advertising can be increased further when digital coupon marketing and high-converting banner advertising are thrown into the mix. With hyperlocal marketing you’re able to (i) target customers based on age, gender and location, and (ii) deliver high converting digital coupons with an automated coupon redemption reminder sequences.

Benefits to Your Customers

When properly implemented, hyperlocal marketing can provide real value to your potential customers.  A well-executed hyperlocal mobile advertising strategy will involve presenting highly attractive offers to your consumer based on what he or she may be doing at the time and where they may be doing it. The offer will match your consumer’s interests and may be perceived as satisfying a genuine want or need. As a result such offers are likely to be well received or even welcomed. This is a stark contrast to the ‘nuisance aspect’ of some of the alternative forms of advertising, which rely on interrupting the prospect or client at thge most inconvenient or inappropriate times.