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Discover how our R4 business growth system can  drive more visitors to your business and convert these to high-value customers, clients or patients.

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Attract High-Value Prospects

Apply tried and tested, principle-based marketing and communication strategies designed to attract your propects specifically for the products and services that make you the most money for the least effort. 

Maximise Your Sales and Revenue

Get the marketing support and exclusive focus you need to maximise your revenue from your ideal customers while delivering great value. 

Get Positioned As A Market Leader

Leverage our expertise and media connections to generate massive brand visibility and position your business as a leader in your market.

Does Any Of This Resonate...?   

You're Losing Business To Your Competitors 

You know you've got top-notch products and services that blow the competition out of the water. But no matter what you do, those big names in the industry always seem to come out on top. So, you think maybe slashing your prices might give you a fighting chance. But let's face it, racing to the bottom isn't the answer, and those big dogs still outsell you even at higher prices. Frustrating, isn't it? How the F*** are you supposed to make your mark in this cutthroat market?

You've Fallen Prey To The Google Ad Reps

OK,  you've made the decision to take your business to the next level and increase those sales. Google comes at you with an offer you can't refuse - a Google rep offering to set up your ad campaign and throw in some free advertising. It all sounds like a fabulous deal, doesn't it? But hold up just one minute. They're not telling you something. And it's that they're in it for your money, not your success. 

Fast forward a bit, and you're checking your bank account, only to realize you've dropped a pretty penny on advertising with little to show for it. Surprise, surprise! The rep conveniently forgot to mention they're all about stacking the chips in Google's favour, not about helping your business thrive. 

Your PPC Performance Is Going South

You've got a top-of-the-line digital marketing agency on your team, specializing in 'Pay Per Click' marketing. They're bringing in targeted visitors by the truckload. But lately, things have taken a turn for the worse. Your cost per click is skyrocketing, and those conversions are dropping faster than a hot potato.

It's like trying to catch a greased pig - slippery and impossible.

You and your agency are scratching your heads, trying to figure out what the heck is going on. It's a bad magic trick - now you see results, now you don't.

You're P*ssed Off With Lead Gen Companies

Perhaps you're a contractor chasing after leads like a dog after a bone. You've forked out a tidy sum to those lead generating giants, only to discover your rivals are getting the same leads served on a silver platter. Talk about a slap in the face!

You decide to take matters into your own hands, trying to reel in some fresh leads. But what do you get? Bargain-hunters and cheapskates, looking for a stupid discounts on quality work. It's like trying to catch a unicorn in a sea of donkeys - frustrating and fruitless.

You're Working Long Hours For Little Reward

You're as dedicated as they come, putting in all the graft and elbow grease to provide top-notch service to your punters and clients. You've got the ambition, the drive, the burning desire to make it big and thrive in this game. But here you are, stuck on that revenue rollercoaster, feeling like you're on a never-ending loop-de-loop. You're burning the candle at both ends, hoping  the cash will follow, but truth be told, most of that time is going down the drain with customers and clients who just aren't bringing in the big bucks. 

You're Getting Visitors But The Cash Register Ain't Ringing

Great! You're getting loads of traffic to your website, but no one's biting. People are flocking to your site like seagulls to chips, but they're not doing what you want them to do. You're shelling out a serious money to a marketing agency who's bringing in the punters, but the cash register just isn't ringing. 

It's like having a pub full of blokes, but nobody's ordering a pint. You've got the crowd, but they're just not joining in the fun. 

Blimey! It All Sounds Pretty Awful, doesnt it? But there is some good news.
If you're a good fit,  We Can Help You Break Through All The Frustration And Stress.

And we do it by focussing on what we call the '4Rs' - Reputation, Reach, Resale and Referral


Brighton and Hove reputation marketing services

What people say about you online is critical to your business' bottom line. 92% of consumers make a decision about contacting a business based on their positive reviews.

We help you build, manage and promote your online reputation so you become the preferred and trusted choice for your ideal prospects.


Where do you show up online? Are potential customers or clients finding you or your competitors? If they can't find you, they can't, of course, make an appointment with you.

With the help and support of our media connections. we help your business get seen wherever your ideal prospects may be, so that they call you rather than other businesses in your area. 


Are you overlooking opportunities to capitalize on your most precious business asset - your existing customer or client list? 

That's a massive amount of money you could potentially be losing every day. We help stop the hemorrhage by helping you to maximize the lifetime value of each and every one of your online visitors.


Brighton referral marketing

Great, you're getting business through offline word of mouth. But have you ever thought about how unpredictable this can be? Or how much you could be losing, simply because you do not have a way to generate referrals automatically?

Referral Marketing is the 4th cog in our R4 marketing machine and we help businesses generate online referrals like clockwork.

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