About Us

Welcome To Quantum Business Dynamics. We are a marketing analysis and research consultancy based in Brighton and Hove with a passion for delivering first-class results. The team is headed by George Ogunsiji, a Business Growth Strategist, and includes brand visibility specialists, and reputation experts with several years of online marketing experience.

Our focus is to help ambitious reputable and ethical businesses to maximise their business growth by optimizing what we call ‘4Rs’ –Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral. By focussing on these areas, we help our clients drive more qualified prospects to their business and nurture these to become actual paying customers, clients and patients. We also help our clients to maximise their revenue over the lifetime of the consumer relationship. We're also able to work with clients to identify what their customers actually want, and to use this information to improve their consumer’s overall experience. Our goal, ultimately, is to help our clients generate more sales and long term business.

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